Now in our 23nd year, Chatswood Natural Therapy Centre is the longest standing natural therapy centre in Chatswood that is still owned and managed by the Centre’s founder and principal practitioner Neil Frederiksen Naturopath, Homeopath and Holistic Health Practitioner. Our clinics in Chatswood and North Curl Curl are frequently recommended by natural therapy associations, Sydney chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists, dieticians, dentists, hypnotherapists, nutritionists, doctors, (g.p.’s), medical practitioners, medical specialists, optometrists, acupuncturists, counsellors, sports & fitness centre’s and other natural therapists. Even other naturopaths, homeopaths, (homoeopaths), herbalists and remedial massage therapists refer patients to our clinics. Our treatments are complementary with a chiropractor (chiropractic), physiotherapist, osteopath (osteopathic), podiatrist, dietician, dentist, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, counsellor (counselling), doctor, (g.p.’s), medical practitioner, medical specialist, optometrist and acupuncture (acupuncturist) treatments. To further assist your health, at Chatswood Natural Therapy Centre we can work with any other health practitioner, doctor, medical specialist, psychologist or psychiatrist you are consulting. We pride ourselves on our clients’ results and go out of our way to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment. Our Natural Therapy Centre has pages of testimonials.

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